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Friday, August 26, 2005

Workplace Designer is here

Via Ed Brill.

IBM Workplace Designer 2.5 has been released. Some weeks ago I took a look at the tool and it seems that it will speed the way the Domino developers makes the transition from the smooth, soft, nice, limited but known Domino Designer to the hard, rigid, confusing J2EE world.

As I mentioned before, one of the issues is the "weight" of the tool. I still have Domino, and Designer installed in an old Pentium III with 128MB Ram at home and it works as good as in my Thinkpad R40 Pentium M with 1.2 GB of Ram. Do you need to change your machine? No problem! Just backup your data directory, take care of your notes.ini and voila!. Things become hard to maintain with Workplace.

At least, one of the things that I found in the news is that there's plans to include AJAX support in the next releases of Workplace Designer.

Anyways and after all the cry out for the complexity added to the concept of developing applications in the easy Domino style, but integrated into Workplace, I think that the evolution is good, and we should be prepared to live the future. Right here.



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