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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yes, no SWU 4th post. Had a problem with the hotel so I had to move to the Venetian (:-D) . The change was good but I didn't had time to post from there.

The last tracks I attended were awesome:
  • Designing SOA Solutions: was piloted by the SOA guru Dr. Ali Arsanjani, the session was incredible. It was a sort of interactive class were we were sitting in round tables instead of the tipical, "classroom" style, and with a lot of people that knows a lot of SOA. I definitvely learned a lot.

  • The last track I took was Ed Brill's lecture about how to beat Microsoft and it's crappy Exchange stuff.

  • Way cool presentation from Robert Bry, (another Lotus hero), simulating being a MS excutive trying to convince me why Exchange and all the MS Application Army, can help me to be more productive. Even introducing this revolutionary concept.. errr.. how was the name?.... oh yes! Awareness!.

  • After that Ed deconstruct all the MS arguments agains Notes and give us the key concepts to fight the Bill Gates's golden pot.
Thanks to you guys, today I had to sell Notes against Exchange and is very easy putting all the things clear on the table when you know exactly how your competition works. Know your enemy (if RATM says so...) then we could win.

And as not everything is about work. I dislike this a lot.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

IBM Software University Day 3

One of the latest IBM acquisitions was Pure edge, now known as Workplace Forms. Today I attended a Hands-on lab that teach us the basics on how to build some amazingly perfect forms to be used with any data repository, as DB2 Content Manager or Lotus Domino.

It has an incredible Designer Client that is used to "paint" the screen with the imported form (can be imported from images, PDF, Word, etc) and is "pixel-perfect" in terms on how it position any element of the form to be completely accurate with the original paper form.

One of the main uses that this will have is for regulatory compliance, were, formats of forms are mandatory in the way they look, but with the advantages of the electronic forms, providing security, background logic and integration with the existing systems.

In my opinion, a great gem in the IBM e-business strategy.

Check for tomorrow news.

IBM Software University Day 2

oof! I'm really tired, distances are killing me but I've been having a really good time here at Las Vegas. Today I went to various sessions but the most interesting one was a Lab were I Installed almost all the IBM Middleware in a Linux environment.

The lab consisted on installing Websphere 6.0, DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition 8.2, Websphere MQSeries 6.0 and Websphere Message Broker 6.0 in a Linux operating system to simulate an integration scenario. The lab was incredibly useful and didactic, the speakers really know what they were talking about and was very impressive to see all that good middleware running smooth and without pains.

Check for more tomorrow.


Monday, January 16, 2006

IBM Software University Day 1

After a night walk under a freezing wind Gastón (a friend of mine from Chile who is attending too) went out to dinner and took some pics of the main attractions here in Las Vegas.

Today is the official first day and the opening Meeting at the MGM Hotel was very cool, Mr Mills encourage to every one to have a winner attitude in this year and sent a direct message to Microsoft to be scared about they role in the SW market. After all, this event is to leverage everyone's knowledge of the IBM middleware software, to obtain more information about products, sales strategies by industry or by product. Tonigth I'm attending to the Developers meeting and reception and tomorrow starts the tracks that we'll be attending. I'm scheduled to be in the Ed Brill's lecture about how to beat Microsoft in the messaging and collaboration arena on friday.

I'll keep up updated

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Arriving Las Vegas

Hey, after a long tired flight Santiago-Dallas-Las Vegas I've arrived to my Mirage Hotel room and I've enjoyed the benefits of arriving one day early. Registration for the Software University was fast, I've checked all the locations and now I have maps, directions and signs for all the sessions.

Keep an eye on this blog if you can and I'll try to upload some pics as well.

See you soon!


Friday, January 13, 2006

Notes in your language

Una nueva traducción de Alan Lepofsky: Navigating Your Notes Calendar - Part 3, con su versión en español Navegando en el calendario Notes - Parte II.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back to the Blogs

Tomorrow I'll flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, to take part of the IBM Software University. This event is a unique opportunity for us, the Business Partners and Distributors to get the first source of "what's coming" no the software business for this 2006.

Personally, I will take a big percentage of SOA related tracks, since my objective for this year is to certify my self on Websphere Business Modeler (besides my pending update certification from Notes/Domino 6.5 to release 7).

SOA is becoming the hot topic of the year on terms of business integration, and the IBM offer is one of the most comprehensive, complete and right targeted solution in the market today. It covers from the design, analysis and modeling of processes, development, web services integration, process server and monitoring.

I'll be blogging about the tracks I'm participating. If some of you guys still remember this busy chilean guy, stay tuned.