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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I always try to be very moderated when reacting to the news that fly over the internet.

Working in an IBM software world I've learnt a lot about the great features that each product has and presenting charts with incredible numbers on sales and growth forecasts.

Articles like this one makes me think. How can the same research company can have such differents results? I know that may be I'm being innocent and I'm not considering that sometimes those companies are hired to conduct a research on the company performance or directly comparing with the competition.

Anyways, the article is interesting if I would selling Microsoft, but as I am not, I'm worry. I hope Ed could give us some light.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Notes is a healthy product, it's just it isn't seen as MAIL platform, mainly because it's perceived as too complex.

On the other hand, as the article says, being Exchange a "simpler" product and tightly integrated to Office, it looks more suitable for this specific task. Notice, thou, that what people is seeing is OUTLOOK tightly integrated to Office and Windows (if they only knew they could use Outlook w/Notes :-( )

For instance, one of my Customers moved from Notes to Exchange, but they will keep on using Notes as a collaboration application platform. In fact, they're now deploying a large-scale worldwide portal solution based on Notes, QuickPlace and WebSphere (btw, they keep us drowning on work).

So, my friend, stay cool, we have Notes "para rato".


3:56 PM  
Blogger Alex Hernandez said...

Notes is here to stay. That's for sure. And the investment that IBM is doing in Notes is a good signal for all of us we love the platform.

But when the customers start hearing this noise... mmm at least let me scratch my itches :oP


3:09 PM  

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