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Thursday, January 19, 2006

IBM Software University Day 3

One of the latest IBM acquisitions was Pure edge, now known as Workplace Forms. Today I attended a Hands-on lab that teach us the basics on how to build some amazingly perfect forms to be used with any data repository, as DB2 Content Manager or Lotus Domino.

It has an incredible Designer Client that is used to "paint" the screen with the imported form (can be imported from images, PDF, Word, etc) and is "pixel-perfect" in terms on how it position any element of the form to be completely accurate with the original paper form.

One of the main uses that this will have is for regulatory compliance, were, formats of forms are mandatory in the way they look, but with the advantages of the electronic forms, providing security, background logic and integration with the existing systems.

In my opinion, a great gem in the IBM e-business strategy.

Check for tomorrow news.


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