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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yes, no SWU 4th post. Had a problem with the hotel so I had to move to the Venetian (:-D) . The change was good but I didn't had time to post from there.

The last tracks I attended were awesome:
  • Designing SOA Solutions: was piloted by the SOA guru Dr. Ali Arsanjani, the session was incredible. It was a sort of interactive class were we were sitting in round tables instead of the tipical, "classroom" style, and with a lot of people that knows a lot of SOA. I definitvely learned a lot.

  • The last track I took was Ed Brill's lecture about how to beat Microsoft and it's crappy Exchange stuff.

  • Way cool presentation from Robert Bry, (another Lotus hero), simulating being a MS excutive trying to convince me why Exchange and all the MS Application Army, can help me to be more productive. Even introducing this revolutionary concept.. errr.. how was the name?.... oh yes! Awareness!.

  • After that Ed deconstruct all the MS arguments agains Notes and give us the key concepts to fight the Bill Gates's golden pot.
Thanks to you guys, today I had to sell Notes against Exchange and is very easy putting all the things clear on the table when you know exactly how your competition works. Know your enemy (if RATM says so...) then we could win.

And as not everything is about work. I dislike this a lot.



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