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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

IBM goes for the Open Source ISVs market

Zimbra and Scalix both have been exposing their powerful features a lot and catching some attention and promising the collaboration heaven for companies that want to save some money on mail and basic collaboration. Both have commercial products and offer a community edition version that is an Open Source version with some restrictions in the features and functionality.

With that philosophy in mind, sounds weird hearing that IBM is doing the same for some of their products: Websphere Application Server Community Edition and DB2 UDB Express-C.

You can download and use those products for free and optionally buy support from IBM. This is very useful for ISVs that need to deploy applications that need just a web container plus some other features and a SQL Database. Those ISVs that are actually creating applications using LAMP or WAMP are the main target, taking IBM a step further into the Open Source arena. How good will it go? Let's see.



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